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Counseling with Compassion, Curiosity, and Cultural Humility 


A safe space to explore, heal, and discover your place in the world

Living with the impacts of trauma, daily stress, and anxiety about the future is painful and exhausting.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Frequently stressed, worried, anxious or hyper alert in relationships, at work, when out in the world, or when you’re alone

  • Feeling like there are things in the past that are unresolved, and often feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, and unfulfilled

  • Exhausted from navigating multiple and intersecting identities and expectations that feel at odds with one another, impacting your relationship to yourself, family, and others

  • Overwhelming and painful feelings inadequacy and inferiority, where no matter what you do, nothing ever seems to be good enough

  • Having a deep yearning for belonging and to have a sense of “home”

  • Motivated and committed to make concrete changes as well as look more deeply into the root causes of daily stresses and challenges to create more transformational change

While you may have been carrying some of these burdens on your own for a while, you don’t have to any longer.

Hi, I'm Anders (pronouns: she/they). 

I believe we all have the innate capacity to heal, transform, and flourish.

As an experienced trauma counselor and Asian therapist, I support my clients through a deep commitment to their whole selves, compassionately attuning to their words, body, emotions, and spirit. I see the therapy space as a refuge, one where our deepest fears and greatest hopes can be seen and held, where your intuition is encouraged, and you are empowered to let go of, accept and (re)discover parts of yourself. 


Change does not have to be overwhelmingly terrifying or painful. Together, we can face your current challenges and past traumas, find peace, relief, and joy in living.

culturallY RESPONSIVE counseling

Relax into a safe and understanding space to explore identity, culture, and family dynamics.

COunseling for trauma

Heal wounds, learn new ways to connect with yourself and others, and experience life with more ease and joy.

Therapy for
stress & anxiety

Experience relief and navigate day to day life with greater confidence, purpose, and resilience.


Connect with the wisdom of your body using Somatic Experiencing.


Practice living life more mindfully, with greater ease and freedom.

Ready to get started?

Book a free consult

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. We’ll both share, ask and answer questions, and see if we might be a good fit.

Work together

We will establish a collaborative and reliable relationship that feels supportive and open. We’ll work through both your daily challenges and deeper traumas, and begin the process of self discovery and healing. This space is both structured and flexible to shift according to your needs - session frequency, duration of therapy, and therapeutic focus may all change in this process.

Experience life change

Through consistent connection and a place of safety, you'll move towards a greater sense of ease and confidence within yourself, in your relationships, and in the world. Trauma will no longer hold you back, your inner guidance will become stronger, and your days will feel lighter and more meaningful.

Everything you need to heal and thrive is already within you, and we can find it, together.

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